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Site Map

Home This is the home page.

3rd Party Sites A list of various stencils that were found on the web. To preserve the IP of the orignal providers, this is a list of links. So I can guarantee that some of the links are borken.

History My version of the history of Visio.

Information Sites List of websites with information on Visio.

ShapeSheet Info Some samples of what can be done with the shapesheet.

VBA Some VBA samples on how to work with Visio shapes.

General Topics Other stuff.

Downloads A collection of stencils that can be downloaded directly from this site.

WishList A collection of Visio features that have been requested.

Zune HD / WP7 Some comments on the Zune HD and the Windows Phone 7.

Photo Gallery A collection of interesting Visio related phots and the partial story behind them.

Contact How to contact the Visio MVPs.