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This page contains material we have made available for downloading.

DownloadThis is a collection of lighting shapes for Theatre Lighting based on "USITT RP-2 Recommended Practice for Theatrical Lighting Design Graphics."
DownloadThis is an example of how a custom line pattern can be used to represent Christmas Lights.
DownloadThis is a modified version of the Ethernet shape with no internal lines. All lines connected to the Ethernet shape are terminated at the edge of the Ethernet shape.
DownloadThis is a stencil and template for football. I acquired this in 1995 and I have unfortunately lost any reference to their creator.
DownloadThis is a stencil that contains a gauge (or meter) with a moveable dial.
DownloadDoCmd codes. What is DoCmd(1312)? This download is a tab delimited text file that contains a list of codes that can be used with the DoCmd. The file can be loaded into Excel and sorted by command name or command number.  
DownloadSystem Thinking Stencil
DownloadOutlook 97 Object model map from The Microsoft Outlook 97 Automation Server Programming Model by Randy Byrne.
DownloadThis stencil contains a shape that creates a polygon. The shape has a pair of custom properties that specify the number of sides and the length of each side.
DownloadThis Visio drawing contains four line patterns for drawing Sines and Cosines. One pair will replicate the pattern as it is stretched and the other will just stretch.
DownloadThis Visio drawing contains a Map of Spain with seperate shapes for each province and title.