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3rd Party Websites

This page lists some of the hard to find Visio stencils, Visio templates and Visio drawings that have been found on the web.

The quality of the material at these sites range from novice to professional and the prices vary from free to several thousands of dollars.

If you find any other websites with Visio information or downloads that are not listed here or comments on these sites, please send a message to the webmaster at

Palm Pilot: Does anyone know of a template for doing screen designs for the Palm Pilot?
Aresti 5 Drawing Software ( - broken link): Produces all the sequence forms needed in aerobatic competition (for powered-aircraft or glider) and is fully compatible with all IAC Rules for 2001. It creates forms A, B and C plus cockpit sequence cards in any size. It includes all the new figures and other FAI Catalogue changes made by CIVA in 2000.
Australian Aerobatic Club ( - broken link): Visio drawings of flying sequences.
BAeA power and glider sequences for 2001 ( broken link): Visio files of various flying sequences in Aresti5 format.
Bode Research Group ( - broken link): Pre-fire planning and mapping. "detailed, professional looking street maps, pre-fire plans, fire critiques, hazard-material plans and tactical worksheets."
Build A Pool: (broken link) Build A Pool Software is a revolutionary swimming pool design and specific information-tracking program. Build A Pool is the database that tracks parts of a pool design, from pool inventory to pool cost outs.
CADplanners: The Solution for Space Planning VISIO Technical is now recognized as the ultimate software for hospitality space planning solutions. When combined with customized floor plans & smart shapes, venue managers will find Visio an invaluable management tool.
Lomasoft Corporation: Including 3D ShapeView: "automatically converts your new or existing 2D drawings into 3D."
Jaap Gordijn: is developing a design methodology for e-commerce called e3-value. The current focus is on the representation of business models.
Interfacing Technologies Corporation: FirstSTEP Charter is the Microsoft Visio-integrated tool that allows users across an enterprise to cooperatively create, view, edit and publish structured process models.
RiskIt: Riskit Graph Template for Visio is a Visio template of Riskit Analysis Graph elements. The template is available in several languages.
SAP: SAP tables relation in VISIO format.
Triaster: The Process Navigator toolset addresses the need for a simple, enterprise-wide process mapping standard. Built on the Visio graphics engine, it incorporates state of the art software technology bringing valuable functionality at a new price point.
Audio Visual
PolyCom: There is a stencil for Telepresence and Visio Endpoints and Video Infrastructure.
Tandberg: Anyone know of a source for these?.
Chemical Process Modeling
Stencils by L Partin: Stencils and templates for chemical plant and refinery flowsheets, P-graph diagrams, functional analysis diagrams and distillation towers.
Chemistry Lab Templates by Terence Tak-Shing Tam: (I have been unable to unzip this template). His new home page is at Silicon Knight's Info Forge
ADAPT: (Application Design for Analytical Processing Technologies) – Symbols stencil for the ADAPT design methodology that represents the objects and operations found in multidimensional OLAP databases. Using the symbols stencil you can illustrate basic OLAP structures (cubes, dimensions, hierarchies, and others), as well as how the data is used in a business intelligence application.
Perceptory by Yvan Bedard: A spatial database and spatiotemporal tool using the ISO-TC211 standard. A multimedia tool that allows the user to, informally or temporarily, graphics to a object class model.
CCTV Software: Advanced CCTV Symbols contains pre-configured shapes, symbols and descriptions for all the main CCTV product areas such as cameras, housings, pan/tilts, transmission equipment, control equipment, VCRs and monitors. Over five hundred colour symbols.
CCTV Design: A set of free CCTV shapes from Australia. Cameras, monitors and controllers
DigiTools: Consumer and Custom Electronics design, engineering, estimating and documentation software.
ICC Cable Management Design: The templates to design your Rack and Cable Layouts.
Zones-Info by Jean Dion (JD Tools): Sun Microsystems X, T, M Series servers. StorageTek Robots Series, StorageTek Disks Series and StorageTek SAN products.
Lucubration: Set of aeronautical wiring shapes.
Paul Herber: has a good collection of electronic, logic and electro-mechancial shapes and a bus and regsiter stencil.
Philips Communication, Security & Imaging: A series of Visio stencils for Philips products.CCTV Systems, CCD Cameras, MiniLine Cameras, Unity, PTZ Dome, Monitors, Video Recorders, Video Signal equipment, multiplexors, controllers, video switchers, intercoms, housings and mounts.
RackTools: RackTools allows contractors and consultants to lay out rack elevations using a database that includes every product from Middle Atlantic & DataTel. Prints a professional proposal drawing for your client, as well as a Purchase Order form that is ready to be faxed to the factory for immediate processing.
Reichlr & De-Massari: A leading manufacturer of telecommunications cabling systems for environments. The stencils are currently only available in German. French and English versions are being developed. Also look at R & M Visio Stencils
RF Cafe: Visio version of the Smith Chart.
RF Tools: Visio stencil of RF components.
ShapeDev: Has two stencils on electrical components and switches.
Triatek: (Alternate): A Honeywell site for programmable lighting controls, fume hood controllers and room pressure controllers.
Electronics Circuit Design
Avista Design Systems: SpiceLink for Visio. Provides circuit design inside Visio. SpiceLink automatically checks wiring errors and provides DC steady state (bias point) voltages and currents for the circuit. (But it appears this product is discontinued?)
Textron: IMAP linked shapes.
Event Sketch: Event Sketch is do-it-yourself graphic software which helps you create room drawings for meetings, weddings, Monte Carlo nights, tradeshows and more. It integrates event planning shapes into Visio®. Simply enter the room dimensions and move shapes into your room from one of six Event Sketch stencil groups: tables/chairs, staging, dance floors, audio visuals, casino tables and specialty shapes. These items are automatically scaled to the correct size for this room.
Universal Resource Manager: The Universal Resource Manager to Visio Drawing Link allows you to maintain a full library of master and standard banquet/meeting room setup drawings for use in banquet/meeting room setup work. Our direct link allows you to attach setup drawings right to banquets and/or meetings from right within the Universal Resource Manager software application. They also provide a full library of pre-drawn banquet and meeting room setup shapes for use right within your own Visio based drawings.
Fire/Law Enforcement
Bode Research Group: FireLine - Pre-Fire Plan and Map Graphics Package. You can produce incredible pre-fire plans, fire critiques, haz-mat plans, tactical worksheet and street map books. Wizards are available to assist in drawing pre-fire plans. It includes all NFPA pre-plan symbols, Fire Investigation and Law Enforcement Symbols, all haz-mat placards and labels, fire apparatus of all types and many other emergency vehicles and fire fighters (top, side, front, and back views with and without airpacks). It also includes buildings and furnishings, planes, trains, and automobiles, Street map images and symbols. This is not a free download.
Crime Scenes and Accidents: Visio had stencils for crime scenes and accidents. The crime scene stencil is available from the Microsoft website for download, but the accident stencil requires a bit of paper work.
Comdec: A fire safe.
Pool Templates: has a large collection of shapes for swimming pools.
Saunder Closits: Sauder Closits modular closet designs.
Saunder Office Works: Office furniture.
Arcade Games: Visio stencils in Visio 4 format for arcade controls - joysticks, buttons, etc. Useful for laying out prototypes for your control panel. All the parts in the stencil are 1/ 2 scale.
Basketball by Kees Kremer: A template for drawing basketball plays.
This link is broken and I have been unable to find a replacement
Castle and Cave Stencils by John Brown: Used for creating D&D floor plans, Free. They also have a section for Sci-Fi Space ship layout.
Dog Agility: A template for drawing courses or running dog trials.
Football by ?: A template/stencil for North American football. I found this stencil in 1995, but I have unfortunately lost the information about who created it.
Free-Mo: A modular design for model railroads.
Full Thrust: Templates for star ships. They are in the process of moving to a new web site at
Maze: Layout for a maze for children.
HO Track Plans: HO scale slot cars. These tracks do not have connectors.
Horse Jumping: Eduard Petrović has some examples of how Visio shapes can be used for equestrian events.
JJ & C Railroad by Jon Foster: A template for LGB "G" scale track. Though well made, these tracks do not have connectors.
Stan Silverman: Has a stencil for LGB "G" scale track.
RNG 4 Ever: A set of flowcharts for a role playing game (This is a large download).
Shooting course by Fr. Frog: A template for shooting course design.
War Games: Any one know of shapes for wargamers? Symbols for vehicles, groups of soldiers etc.
Industrial Automation
Grafcet/SFC/ST/LD/IEC1131: IEC 1131-3 is the international standard for programmable controller programming languages. As such, it specifies the syntax, semantics and display for the following suite of PLC programming languages:
  • Ladder diagram (LD)
  • Sequential Function Charts (SFC)
  • Function Block Diagram (FBD)
  • Structured Text (ST)
  • Instruction List (IL)
Does anyone know of stencils for these?
eVSM is a Value Stream Mapping software tool that has been developed as a companion product to the book "Learning to See" from the Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI).
Flow Alliance has a Value Stream Mapping stencil.
ISAWriter by Plant Automation: ISAWriter is a Visio Solution that will allow you to write sequence and controls descriptions to Word files by right clicking the ISAWriter shapes on a Visio Drawing. The ISAWriter shapes change color, as the description is written, thus always providing the writer with a “live” visual picture of what he previously wrote. The writer can also, at any point he so desires, generate a written description of the whole drawing - plus save a read-only file matching the written description.
Opto 22 Free Visio 2002/2003 stencils for Opto 22 hardware and software products used for industrial automation, remote monitoring, and enterprise data acquisition. Professionally designed objects include SNAP industrial controllers, I/O modules, and racks; G1 and G4 I/O modules and racks; and Optomux hardware. Network switches, computers, monitors, and other related items are also provided. Left-facing, right-facing, and straight-ahead versions of all objects are included.
Symbol factory by Reichard Software: The Symbol Factory, a product for the Man-Machine Interface (MMI) software market, is a library of 3,000 symbols for industrial automation, including pipes, valves, motors, tanks, PLC's, and ISA symbols.
Think & Do Studio: Think & Do Studio DesignCenter gives you powerful, intuitive logic flowcharts to design your control application. With its embedded Microsoft Visio 2000 platform, Studio offers a familiar, industry standard environment for rapidly developing automation solutions. With powerful logic blocks (like Motion control, SQL Express and PID) Studio provides unmatched capabilities in an incredibly easy-to-use environment. HMI screens (Human Machine Interface) and control logic flowcharts are created in Visio 2000 drawing environment. Studio includes all of the Visio 2000 Technical Edition SmartShape symbols, plus thousands of automation specific shapes for a wide range of applications. You can choose buttons, lights, icons, ISA symbols, pipes, motors, industrial components and other objects.
Information Architecture:
Michael Angeles: A template for Information Architecture.
Nick Finck: A template for Information Architecture. Website design, wireframe, sitemap and process flow.
Jesse James Garrett: A visual vocabulary for describing information architecture and interaction design.
Poor but Happy: A template for Page Layouts as opposed to IA diagrams.
Rockwell Automation: This website has a collection of good quality shapes for various pieces of Allen Bradley equipment. It also has an excellent stencil for normal desktop equipment with various size monitors, printers and dual screens. Though the site is not in English, the stencils are in English.
ISA - The Instrumentation, Systems and Automation Society: This CD- ROM provides symbols from the ISA standards S5.1, S5.2, S5.3 and S5.4, converting the graphic symbols for instruments into clip- art files that can inserted into P& IDs, loop diagrams and other documents. The symbols are furnished in .DWG, .WMP, and .DXF file formats, allowing them to be employed with Visio, AutoCAD, and most other CAD software platforms, plus many other software applications (word processing, spreadsheet, etc.). P&ID ClipSymbols is a must for engineering and construction firms, instrument engineers and technicians, and anyone else who develops P&IDs.
TekMar: Tekmar Stencils and Application Drawings are provided to assist HVAC system designers with the task of creating mechanical and electrical schematics for use with Tekmar Controls. Control and General Stencils - These stencils include shapes for control & thermostat terminal blocks, wires, labels, transformers, relays, and singular objects such as pumps and valves. Left to Right Mechanical Stencils - The heat source is arranged to be on the left hand side of a drawing as in published tekmarNet®4 application drawings. These shapes are grouped into sets for the heat source, dhw, mixing, and zone piping. Right to Left Mechanical Stencils - The heat source is arranged to be on the right hand side of a drawing as the pre-2004 tekmar application drawings were done. These shapes are grouped into sets for the heat source, dhw, mixing, and zone piping.
They also have a collection of sample drawings.
Theatre: Does anyone have a stencil for Stage lighting? I'm in the process of creating a stencil of standard light fixtues.
Piping Isometrics by Junichi Yoda: A collection of very slick 3-D piping shapes, and a well-presented website.
Anyone know of any medical stencils? Or shapes for radiology imaging devices such as scanners?
CD Case: A tutorial on creating CD jewel cases in Visio.
CompuServe: The MSOffice forum on CompuServe contains the remains of Visio's CompuServe forum when Visio switched to a web based User forum. Though some of these files are dated, most of them still work with the latest version of Visio. Some of the files are Allen-Bradley PLC, hexagons, tracks, snowflakes, Cleanit, selective print and my Christmas tree lights. New documentation about Visio 2002 has been added. See the CompuServe page for more information.
OMT-G: An Object-Oriented Data Model for Geographic Applications.
Selecon Performance Lighting: Theatre lighting.
VisioDAML: VisioDAML is a Visio application to illustrate how Visio can be used to create graphical representations of DAML+OIL ontologies. This implementation is intended to provide, as close as possible, a direct one-to-one mapping between the DAML+OIL language constructs and their graphical representation.
United States Department of Justice: A Visio document showing the different custom objects used within RCAGIS with their events and methods listed. It's part of a 22 meg file.
System Thinking by Gene Bellinger: A Visio stencil for System thinking.
BPMN Modeler by Interfacing: A free BPMN Modeler allows you to create, view, edit and publish your business processes using standard BPMN process notation. The plug-in allows users to augment the information associated with an activity, increasing the depth of their process maps. The modeler provides the ability to drill-down within multiple levels of a business process hierarchy, and automatically generate multiple outputs to visualize how processes interact.
Anyone know of any musical stencils? How to set up audio systems? How to set up Midi systems? How to do Theatre lighting? How to set up concert systems?
Colleen Kobe: has a music staff template that contains over 100 commonly-used symbols required to transcribe music. Includes bass, treble, and tenor clefs, over 30 musical notes, rests, ledger lines, slurs, time signatures, volume labels (mf, f, pp, etc), fingering notes, and much, much more.
HO Coherent Visual: Music staff template.
MOTM: Music synthesizer stencil and template.
Allied Telesyn: They create a series of Layer 2/3 switches, Optical devices and Routers.
Altima Technologies Inc: They have IT specific equipment shapes with regular web-based shape updates using a subscription. This product is similar to Microsoft's Visio VNE (Visio Network Equipment).
Axis Communications: The Axis Products stencil contains four Visio SmartShapes making it easy to add Axis Network Print Servers, AXIS NetEye 200, AXIS StorPoint CD and AXIS StorPoint HD in network diagrams.
Blue Coat: Proxy appliances.
Capital District Cisco Users Group: Cisco shapes.
Cisco: Cisco shapes. This site requires a username and password. Or use Other Cisco Site: or use Cisco Diagram Icons.or try Cisco Visio Stencils.
CoFax - Content Object Factory: ?
CrossRoads: Proxy appliances.
CtrlLink: EIM and EI hubs and EIS and EISM switches.
Cyclades/Avocent: Console Servers, KVM, Power Management.
Dell: Dell PowerEdge 1XXX Series, Dell PowerEdge 2XXX Series, Dell PowerEdge 4XXX Series, Dell PowerEdge 6XXX Series, Dell PowerEdge 7XXX Series, Dell PowerEdge 8XXX Series, Dell PowerEdge SC Series, Dell PowerVault, Dell PowerVault NAS, Dell EMC, Dell PowerConnect Switches and Dell PowerApp Appliances
(alternate) or (alternate).
ENTERASYS Networks: ATM, Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, FDDI, MMAC-FNB, Stackable, SmartSwitch Router, Token Ring, Uplinks WAN and shapes for Digital.
Extreme Networks: provides switched broadband networks equipment, stackable Summit switches, modular Alpine Ethernet service provisioning switches, and modular BlackDiamond core switches.
Fluke Networks: Cisco Network shapes.
Foundry Networks: Foundry Network shapes.
HP, IBM, Sun, and more - A free and public site hosting many Visio collections including HP and IBM as well as many others. They have news, patches, Template sheets, and other resources. They also offer free hosting for technology related Visio collections. {Aruba, Emcor, Storage Tek, Open Audit(Sarbanes-Oxley), MindGraph, Citrix, Symantec, BEOS, Fortinet, Myrinet, Quadrics, Topspin, CNT and Voltaire }
Hitachi: Hatachi Data Systems shapes. Lightning, TagmaStore, Thunder, WMS Workgroup Modular Storage.
IMC the Optical Ethernet company: Optical Access / FTTx solutions, Standalone Media Converters, Multi-port Media Converters, Modular Media Converters, SNMP Managed Media Converters and Modular Chassis Platforms
Juniper Networks:Juniper Networks provides a set of stencils for their routers. (Alternate)
Leviton:A large collection of connectors, wallplates, fiber & copper components, structured media and cable management, Quikport, and raceways.
Madge.connect: Includes full range of Smart Ringswitch family option modules: Gigabit Uplink, Third Layer Services Module, 10/100 Ethernet Translational Switching Module etc.
Marconi: Broadband Routing and Switching devices from the Netzoom collection.
Metaplan: ?
MGE UPS Systems: Uninterruptible power supplies.
Microplex: Contains a stencil for the Microplex product line of print servers.
Mirapoint: Contains a stencil for email messaging.
MTMNet: Contains stencils for 3Com, Extreme Networks, Foundry and Cisco. The Cisco download is large. Adtran stencils are now available (another large file).
Multimedia Network Group - Univeristy of Virginia: RouteConfig is a graphical tool for configuring networks of PC routers. RouteConfig is intended for research groups that run up experiments with networks of PC routers. RouteConfig helps with the time-consuming process of setting up a network configuration. RouteConfig remotely configures an IP network from a Microsoft Visio drawing. In addition, RouteConfig can probe a network and generate a VISIO drawing from an existing network configuration.
NetApp: Visio stencil for NetApp filers. A logon name and password are required, but are easily obtainable.
Net to Net: A Visio stencil for Net to Net products.
NetDoc AD: docments your Active Directory with Visio 2003 Professional edition. Connects to your active Directory and offers the objects to be drawn on the drawing page. The shapes contain the data of the AD objects.
NetPlex: A Visio stencil for NetPlex products - cabling.
Nortel and Meridian: Visio stencil for Nortel PBXs by Gene.
Packet Attack: Cisco Network and marketing shapes.
Proxim Wireless Networks: WiFi products Orinoco, Tsunami and Lynx products.
Bruce Pullig: Bruce has a large collection of shapes for Sun.
Quintum: A Visio stencil for Quintum products - VOIP.
Server Technology: Server Technology, Inc. is a the leader in Remote Power Management technology, manufacturing a line of remotely addressable power switches called the Sentry™ Remote Power Managers. Available for both AC and DC power supply, Sentry products enable remote power control (off, on, reboot, graceful shutdown) of servers and internetworking devices in remote equipment rooms, POP sites, Telco central offices and other co-location facilities.
Siemon: Spirent Communications provides a set of Visio icons for all of the current SmartBits chassis, SmartCards, and modules. More Siemon - Fiber, Work Area, Modulat patching, Racks and Cable Management, S110 and S210, S66 and Shielded.
Spirent: Spirent Communications provides a set of Visio icons for all of the current SmartBits chassis, SmartCards, and modules.
Square D: Visio stencil for Powerlogic. Most of the website seems to have moved to SquareD, but I was unable to find this information on the new site. The stencils have some good examples of wiring practise.
StoreVault: Network data storage devices.
RemTech: To facilitate the planning of computer room or office layouts, we have constructed a set of FREE downloadable shapes of our racking and desking range, together with relevant generic hardware shapes (monitors, servers, CPU's, modems, etc). The Remtech Solution contains plan, front and side views of our racking/desking systems (plan view only of standard desking) and generic hardware shapes.
Riverstone Networks: Contains a stencil for Riverstone.
Telect: Telect provides WaveTrax and CableLinks component shapes as an aid to your cable management system design process. You may download and use these shapes with Visio or AutoCAD applications to simplify the layout and design of an effective cable management system; whether it involves high-capacity, solid WaveTrax or the flexibility of CableLinks.
Ephibian: Tivoli Shapes
US Robotics: Visio 2000 Stencil with 18 products and 3 logos
VBrick: Codecs. It also includes the same items in a PowerPoint format.
Western Multiplex: Western Multiplex Corporation makes wireless equipment that connects networks between buildings. The company’s Tsunami ™ brand includes point-to-point wireless Ethernet bridges with capacity of up to 430 Mbps, as well as point-to-multipoint systems with capacity of up to 60 Mbps. They also makes wireless equipment for cellular backhaul and other telco applications under its LYNX ® brand, which includes Multiple T1/E1 and DS3 wireless links.
ZXTM Visio stencils: Zeus Technology produces software and hardware for advanced traffic management and application acceleration. The guys at ZXTM KnowledgeHub blog have published a set of 3D network shapes for Zeus’ ZXTM appliances. They have the look-and-feel of the other 3D network shapes that ship with Visio 2003 and are nicely crafted. It contains pictures of Zeus' ZXTM appliances, as well as some handy rack-mount servers and isometric arrows.
Petroleum Engineering:
Flair Infomatics Ltd: Shapes for oil fields.
PetroTech: Well Schematics Tools.
4Keeps by A.D.Experts: 4Keeps enables you to capture, extend, validate, reuse, and transform the business information expressed in your Visio Professional drawing - easily and accurately without leaving the Visio environment
Amarco Draw: Amarco Draw is a Microsoft Access (Access 2000) application that drives Visio software to draw systems according to their Amarco definitions in the database. It uses visibility control algorithms that bring a unique quality to the drawings.
AmarcoS: is a stencil for Microsoft Microsoft Visio 2000 / 2002 / 2003. It helps animate flowchart, workflow, process and cartography Visio diagrams. It supports any other stencil and shape.

AORML: AORML has a richer set of basic ontological concepts, allowing to capture more semantics of a domain, as compared to ER, UML and AUML. Unlike the UML, AORML allows to integrate state and behavior modeling in one diagram. AORML is the first approach that allows to systematically distinguish between external and internal models, and to account for the phenomenon of internalization. AORML is the first approach that employs and visualizes the important concept of reaction rules for behavior modeling.
ASTI Corporation: ASTI Corporation has developed a number of utility add-on programs for Microsoft Visio. VisTransfer is a Visio add-on tool to rapidly set shape and master attributes by copying from other pages, shapes and masters. Simple selection of source objects is done by selecting from among the objects in the expandable sources box. Use the checkbox to indicate which attributes are to be copied. Select your destination objects, and simply click the copy button. VisView is a Visio add-on that makes viewing object attributes simple. There are two major enhancements over the Visio supplied attributes display. First, you get to view all your pages and shapes in Visio workspace in a single view. Now you can view the attributes without having your view of the drawing or stencil change. Second, you get to view all the objects' attributes, including the normally hidden items.
bVisual: bVisual ltd provide consultancy, solutions, & training for Visio in the UK. They also have some of their own end-user, and developer, productivity and feature add-ins for Visio available for purchase. For example, TextWindow (multi-line custom props), ImageWindow (display images from custom props.), WebWindow (display web-pages from custom props.), GridWindow (multi-shape custom props. in a grid) and pptXporter (one-click export to PowerPoint).
C++ files: Template for V5 CodeWarrior C++ project.
Coras: Coras language v2.
Diagrammatic Programming Corporation: "Diagrammatic Programming is a notation and process for performing systems analysis and design [...] allowing mixed systems of humans, machines, and computers to be designed and analyzed with unprecedented accuracy and visibility."
Digimmersion: Flex 2.0 RIA, Flex 1.5 RIA, and ColdFusion Flash forms for the developer community.
Enterprise Integration Patterns: A Visio stencil that contains 51 integration pattern shapes. Each shape includes the solution text for the corresponding pattern. This stencil is invaluable when drawing out solutions based on the notation defined in the book from Addison-Wesley, titled Enterprise Integration Patterns.
Freedom/Visio from HawkBridge Pty Ltd: Advantage 2E (aka COOL:2E and Synon/2e) from Computer Associates is a powerful data modeling tool for the IBM iSeries (aka AS/400) that removes the technological complexities in business applications development and maintenance. The text based modeling language of Advantage 2E is quite powerful, yet it is very difficult to understand and appreciate the object relationships. It is often necessary to convert it to a more conventional Entity Relationship Diagramming tool, such as Microsoft Visio, where a picture conveys a thousand words. To make it easier to convert your Advantage 2E database relations to Microsoft Visio diagrams we have developed a new product that will create a Microsoft Visio comma seperated variable (CSV) import file from an application area within one of your Advanatage 2E data models.
GUUU: Rapid prototyping for the web. There is a first edition to this article.
Paul Herber Systems: They have several Visio stencils for software diagramming (SDL-2000, MSC-2000 and Jackson Structured Design). This is shareware ($5-$30). The latest SDL specification can be obtained from the SDL Forum at
Paul Richards: has a Visio stencil to generate C code and a stencil for flowcharts.
Holub: UML Stencils.
Paul Hurby: UML Stencils.
Brian Madden Paul: Citrix Metraframe Stencils.
MIT Stencils: OMD and MDD Stencils (object models and module dependency diagrams)
MQ Series Stencils by IBM:MD04: Design rules, naming convention and minimum symbol set for MQSeries messaging system design.
Navision Software: UML Stencils
Objectmentor: UML templates.
OpenCanal: Michael Herman has provided a set of free Visio shapes for Microsoft SharePoint products and Technologies. (Download the zip file named OpenCanalSPPTShapes-1-0-7).
A screen shot of a sample Visio drawing appears at dotnetjunkies.
Quantum Leaps:The stencil contains all the shapes necessary to create the most important UML diagrams: Static-model diagrams, State diagrams, and Sequence diagrams. The page also contains good reference material and description of UML objects.
Rational Rose: Stencil for Rose98/98i.
RoberDan: A Visio template (with stencil) for designing SharePoint sites.
Sim Logic: provides discrete system simulation capabilities within Visio suitable for (Business Process Simulation, Analysis and General Purpose Applications) It adds dynamic simulation to static Visio diagrams and simulation statistics.
Simul8 Animation for Visio: SIMUL8 Animation for Visio converts a flowchart to an animated simulation by examining the types and names of the shapes but also the structure of how they are connected to automatically create a working simulation with one button click. Because SIMUL8 Animation for Visio actually uses the structure of the flowchart, not just the shapes, it means it is also compatible with any shapes provided by third party Visio stencil providers, or shapes and stencils created by you or your company.
Spartan Embedded Technologies: Software Engineering Standards stencil and examples.
ThinkQuick Software: QuickFlow: generates graphical flowcharts of mainframe batch jobstreams. Automated RunBook is the product suite designed to generate the production support documentation for mainframe batch application systems by having 'the code generate the documentation.
URL Grey Hot: Wireframe Stencil.
Two Vogels: Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs)
Visimation: A variety of tools for developers and end-users, including "Xpose", an Automation object browser, with special features for Visio, including an improved ShapeSheet window substitute.
VisioBridge: Use KBSI's VisioBridge to enhance your presentation of existing process and activity analysis diagrams. VisioBridge provides the ability to enhance existing ProSim process models and AIØ WIN activity models with Visio’s drawing power. Working from databases of model information, the VisioBridge produces a Visio drawing that you can customize in any way.
Visio Object Explorer: A free tool for browsing Visio via Automation. Helps for more quickly understanding Visio structure. Designed for Visio 5 and although it works with Visio 2000, it is not updated to reflect Visio 2000's new properties and cells.
Workflow Research: BPMN - Business Processing Modeling Notation
Software: Design for Web
NYU RMM: Relationship Management Methodology : The design of a WWW application can be succinctly represented with RMM diagrams so that designers, programmers and users have a clear understanding of the scope and structure of the application.
Avaya: SYSTIMAX® SCS Product Symbols for professional cabling diagrams for telecommunication rooms, main cross-connects, equipment rooms, faceplate configurations, and backbone cabling. The stencils contain: iPatch Rack Network Managers and Patch Panels; 110 Hardware, including VisiPatch; Modular Patch Panels and Generic Hubs; Generic Equipment Racks & Cable Management Hardware Fiber Apparatus; Outlets and Faceplates (Full scale); Backbone Cabling Symbols and Miscellaneous Items, including Material Lists and Notes Sections.
Derek - G0FNA: He has some clip art For The Radio Amateur & Short Wave Listener. This is not a Visio stencil, but the clip art can still be used.
ITS - RTU Stencils: The ITS RTU Stencil set contains over 50 Motorola MOSCAD and MOSCAD-L objects including rack mounts, all I/O modules, radios and CPU's. Use them in system diagrams, I/O layouts and for general planning.
Anyone know of any woodworking stencils? (tablesaws, routers, bandsaws etc.). This has been a long standing request and now, Harvey Chute has made a stencil of common woodworking equipment available and as a bonus it includes some of the other odds and ends that are found in basements or the garages.