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What is New?

I have added a stencil for Theatre Lighting to the Downloads page.

Scott Helmers' 2013 update to his Visio Step by Step book is now available.

John Marshall... Visio MVP

What is this site about?

This site is a collection of material collected by the Visio MVPs. Originally there were only two of us and now are almost a dozen of us with varios websites and blogs.

Originally the site was set up to host the list of 3rd party stencils I had come across while cruising the net. Any Google search brought thousands of results, but very few were hits.

Visio is a drawing package based on the green plastic drawing templates of the past. Rather than require the user to have excellent drawing skills, the user selects pre-drawn shapes from a template and drags them to the drawing.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to using Visio.

  • The user is not limited to the templates provided by Visio.
  • Items on a Visio drawing can be interrogated by a program.
  • The Visio drawing can be used as a graphical front end to a database.
  • Items on a Visio drawing can be manipulated by a program.


Visio was first released by Shapeware in November, 1992.

In early 1994, Shapeware, later renamed Visio, asked four CompuServe users, Steve Rindsberg, Dave Brodsky, Ward Yelverton and John Marshall to act as volunteers in the Visio section on CompuServe. The reason for choosing these four was their volume and nature of their responses. Dave joined Visio and is now an MS employee, Steve provides technical support as a MS PowerPoint MVP, John continues as a MS Visio MVP.

There is more information about the History of Visio on the the History page.

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